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The Revolution Begins...
The Boys in the Basement UK Podcast is an ambitious vanity project, being unleashed onto a world, only too eager to embrace. Combining unsigned music, emerging creative talent, and exciting projects, this twice monthly parcel bomb of brilliance will blow you away!

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Episode 62 - Bus Ride Blues

Released 16/07/14

Our new episode, 'Bus Ride Blues' is out and ready for download now! It features a phone call, a chat about France, and a discussion about a dog. Don't miss out!

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Live Music

As well as bringing you our regular dose of chit-chat, BITBUK Podcast also aims to bring you the best unsigned and emerging musical talents. We have featured a number of artists playing live in the basement across the last two years, and here is your chance to see our most recent video.

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We love to talk, we love to share, and we love to connect with you in every way we can.

So we have a blog. Its where we post anything we want to share with the world. It might be some new music, it might be a review, or it might just be a picture of the boys eating cake. Whatever it is, enjoy!

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So, you've found us and we like it.

Now we know we've only just met, but we are already getting kind of attached We'd miss you if you went, so how about we commit? For better, for worse, and for everything in between; We want to stay with you for the long haul.  


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