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Currently, the BITBUK podcast has over 10,000 regular listeners, and is downloaded in the following countries:

United Kingdom, USA, Switzerland, Canada, France, Sweden, Japan, Russia, South Africa, Germany, Ukraine, China, Luxembourg, South Korea, Spain, Australia, Argentina, Denmark, Latvia, Macedonia...

Its truly an international brand.

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We don't have any preconceptions about what we want to promote or have on the show. Simply put, if something excites us, then we will get you on-board. Nothing is out of the question, and we strive to be as diverse as possible.

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BITBUK History
The Boys in the Basement UK Podcast (BITBUK Podcast) is the work of Liam Parton, Mike Swan and Tom North, who are three friends from Hampshire. The initial concept for the podcast came in mid 2009 from Mr Parton, who had enjoyed a few brief dabbles into the genre in the past. His original proposal was simple; he wanted to record himself rambling on, and then put it on the internet for people to listen to. Realising that this may be a bit much for most people, and needing a man to balance his madness, he decided to approach Mr Swan, a man renowned for his personable nature, and good humour.

They then needed a location, a place they could call home, to act as the studio and 'nerve centre' for the show. Step forward Mr North, a man who had recently purchased a property in the middle of Hampshire; A property with an all important basement. Mr Parton saw this opportunity and announced his intentions to the boys. After some initial scepticism, Mr North finally relented, on the condition that he could be involved in the show, as a producer.

Mr Parton then disappeared for almost a year, and no mention of the podcast was made, until suddenly, mid 2010, he turned up at the basement, arms laden with recording equipment.

Two weeks later, Episode 1 - Raw Material was released, and the rest, as the say, is history!

What We Do
The Boys In The Basement UK Podcast is a regular, downloadable show, rammed to the brim with witty banter, interesting features, and brilliant music.

Released twice a month, and with occasional specials as well, the Boys In the Basement UK Podcast is an ideal forum for any project, music or event to be promoted. We currently have over 10,000 listeners all around the world, who are genuinely passionate about the show. We want to use the podcast as a forum for showcasing any sort of creative endeavours, and so far we have featured numorous bands, charity workers, dancers, sportsmen, fashion writers and local magazines.

The concept of an hour long show, which can be listened to on the go, or whilst relaxing in the house, is a refreshing way to reach a new audience. Anchored by three entertaining hosts with dynamic chemistry, its the perfect way of exposing new concepts to people who may not otherwise know where to look.

Together we have next to no previous experience, but with our combined enthusiasm, we want to build a regular, loyal and ever growing fan base, which will mean the Boys In The Basement Podcast will become THE platform for promoting all emerging talent and projects!


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